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Mission Statement


Pizza Depot is proud to serve the best pizza within Canada. Pizza Depot is considered one of the top choices when making a pizza selection, particularly for the take-out, and Delivery  sector. We deliver fresh ingredients and the highest quality chicken wings to all of our guests. Creativity and zest is never lacking at Pizza Depot Stores.

We take a great deal of care in selecting our retailers to ensure the same strict guidelines are meet when preparing any Pizza Depot product and therefore, guaranteeing consistency and quality across all of our locations.

Enjoy a popular Pizza Depot dish by ordering online one of our Pizza deals, Gluten Free and Halal pizzas. Delivered straight to your house when you place an order over the phone or online order. We’re always happy to provide the most affordable Combo Deals on all Pizza's Wings, Burgers etc...

Our Pizza stores  guarantee consistent quality across all locations if you are ordering online or picking up at any or our pizza store locations, we are  committed to you is to provide top quality products at reasonable pricing with outstanding service as we continue to expand across Canada.