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Pizza Depot Brampton

Customers who come into The Pizza Depot at  333 Fairhill Ave, Brampton are amazed by the different choices they have. One look at our menu and you will see why they rave about the different selections.

Not only do we have the best pizza in Brampton available here, there’s boneless chicken strips and Indian style wings to name just a few other choices. We serve great food at reasonable prices and are also active members of the community.

For pizza delivery in Brampton or take-out that’s delicious and affordable, The Pizza Depot is the clear choice. Please read on to find out more about our exciting menu options.

Brampton Delivery/Take out

You will get our delivery and take-out services when you make your own pizza. We want everyone to have the good food that satisfies them. That’s why we are the pizza store in Brampton that encourages our customers to get creative.

Why not consider putting together your own large pizza? You can order one of these online and they come with four delicious toppings included. You can even choose square pizzas and have the same amount of toppings added.

Customers looking for a halal pizza in Brampton will find one here at The Pizza Depot. Our number one priority is making sure that you get the delicious food that satisfies you.

A Full Menu With Good Food

We have vegan pizza in Brampton choices for those people who would rather have ingredients like green peppers and onions rather than meat. These all come in a variety of different sizes from medium to large and extra-large.

These are the healthy choice for more reasons than one. We’ve also listed the calories per slice so you can make good decisions about your diet. The pizza depot also offers meat lovers pizza in Brampton options. This one comes with bacon and sausage, pepperoni and ground beef. Like the vegan choices, there are three different sizes to choose from.

A Brampton Pizza Restaurant With Choice

Supplying a variety of excellent picks is our number one priority. That’s why we direct our customers to the Indian style pizza in Brampton options we have on our menu. Finally, please take a few minutes to look over our chicken menu before you make any final decisions.

The choices here are diverse and delicious. They include chicken strips, Indian style chicken wings and chicken chunks. Don’t forget there are 50 different flavours that you can choose from.