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Hagersville Pizza Depot

The Pizza Depot in Hagersville is committed to providing fresh food with a variety of great toppings. We are also active in the community. For us, it’s about a lot more than just serving the best pizza in Hagersville . Our staff wants to be engaged and give back to the community they serve.

Take a few minutes to look through our menu and you’ll see the difference from the competition. We look after all the details like fresh toppings and even an exclusive chicken brand with 50 sauces.

Please read on to discover why our take-out and pizza delivery services in Hagersville and great food make us a favorite.

Pizza Delivery/Take-Out Hagersville

Not only can you have a pizza delivered or take one out with us, you can also make your own. The Pizza Depot has several options to choose from. Whether you decide to put together your own large , medium or extra large pizza, you’ll get to pick four fresh toppings.

There’s only a small charge if you want to add more. We even have a square pizza that you can order online.

Halal Pizza in Hagersville on The Menu

Along with the Halal pizza on our Hagersville menu, the pizza Depot has a Canadian vegan pizza with green peppers and tomatoes. The other fresh ingredients on this one are green olives and mushrooms.

Then there’s the Greek pizza that our customers rave about. This one comes with some traditional toppings like feta cheese and onions as well as sliced tomatoes and black olives. There is a Hawaiian, Mexican and even spicy Italian pizza that comes with hot Italian sausage as well as roasted red peppers and ham.

A Pizza Restaurant Hagersville That Caters To You

We are the pizza store in Hagersville that puts our customers first. Take a few minutes to look at the deals we offer and you will see exactly what we mean.

There’s a fine selection Indian style pizza and meat lovers pizza in Hagersville. Whether you’re having a quiet night in or need some food for a big event, The Pizza Depot has you covered.

Our restaurant caters to you with a variety of good tasting food. There are delicious French fries and onion rings available as well as mozzarella sticks and garlic toast. We like to say that there is something for everyone at our pizza restaurant in Hagersville

That’s why you’ll find some delicious desserts like cheesecake and great lunch options like a pizza sub on our menu.