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Pizza Depot Wyandotte

The Pizza Depot at 1527 Provincial Rd, Windsor has a variety of great deals along with the best pizza in Windsor. This is the location where you can get pick up specials and pizza delivery specials that are the best in town.

Of course we’ve got a great selection of our namesake food at this pizza restaurant in Windsor that includes take-out. Why don’t you take a few minutes and go through our menu to find the food that tickles your taste buds?



Customers who are looking for Halal pizza in Windsor are always impressed with our efficient take-out service. You might be looking for a vegan pizza for a quiet night at home. If that’s the case we’ve got lots to choose from.

Our customers told us that they wanted an Indian style pizza in Windsor on the menu. So we complied The Paneer Pizza. It has a fresh crust and some of the other excellent ingredients you wanted like roasted red peppers and fresh green peppers.

A Pizza Store in Windsor With An Excellent Menu

The Paneer Pizza comes in three different sizes and you can order large extra large or medium online. There is something for every taste on our menu and that includes an excellent selection of chicken dishes.

Our chicken strips are one of the big sellers that we have. When you read about the delicious choice of different dips and the fresh chicken breast that’s included, it’s easy to see why. We also have classic chicken wings that come in 10 pieces. These are just right for a small intimate gathering or a quick lunch at work.

Either way we can deliver them piping hot to either location.

A Pizza Restaurant with Meat Lovers Pizza In


The Pizza Depot in Windsor has some traditional choices too. The meat lovers pizza selections we have all come with fresh ingredients like chicken and mushrooms as well as green peppers and onions. Look for other delicious toppings like ground beef and pepperoni as well as sausage and bacon.

The butter chicken pizza is great for someone looking for a different taste. It comes with green peppers and onions and you can get it in three different sizes.
There is also a Buffalo chicken pizza available. Choose from medium, large or extra large and order online for quick delivery. The Pizza Depot also has some excellent deals and specials.